Xtrasun Reflrectors

Xtrasun Reflectors

The Xtrasun series of reflectors offer excellent performance at a cost-effective price. These reflectors are built strong, compatible with all Hydrofarm or Xtrasun ballasts, and priced to fit your budget.


  • Bright and broad spread of light
  • Highly-reflective European specular aluminum
  • Low-profile design
  • Super value
  • CSA certified



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Xtrasun Parabolic Reflectors

These sturdy, easy-to-assemble reflectors push all of your indoor grow room’s light back down to your plants, where it’s needed most. Choose a parabolic reflector when you need wide, even light distribution. They come with a built-in socket and 15’ pre-wired lamp cord, and accept sodium and halide bulbs.


  • Built-in socket and 15' pre-wired lamp cord
  • Delivers all the light down to the plants
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble



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Xtrasun Parabolic Reflector
Xtrasun II Aluminum Wing Reflector

Xtrasun Aluminum Wing Reflectors

If you need incredible value in a super lightweight reflector, the Xtrasun Wing reflectors are the perfect choice. They offer wide and bright light delivery, a built-in cordset, and they accept sodium and halide bulbs.

Xtrasun II Aluminum Wing Reflector

  • Incredible value
  • Super lightweight
  • European made high performance specular aluminum
  • Wide and bright light delivery
  • Built-in cordset
  • CSA certified



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Xtrasun Aluminum Wing Double Ended Reflector

  • Super-compact and efficient double-ended design
  • Adjustable wings for optimum light
  • Premium 95% European aluminum
  • Double-ended K12x30S sockets
  • Easy to assemble
  • CSA certified



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